Community Outreach


The MPOA is dedicated to serving and helping the community.  The MPOA sponsors a yearly scholarship for $2,500.00 in the Martinez community for youth that are interested in a career in the criminal justice field.  This is the Thomas Tarantino & Paul Starzyk Memorial Scholarship.  Students that are interested should inquire with their school or contact the MPOA.  Prerequisites include writing a letter stating why the student should be the recipient, as well as letters of recommendation.  The winner is selected by the MPOA board members once all applications have been received.

Below is a photo of Michelle Magana receiving her last payment from MPOA Vice President Gerardo Espinoza on 2/15/17.  Michelle was a recipient of the Tarantino/Starzyk scholarship.  Michelle is also a Cadet at the Martinez Police Department.

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